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Great service and support. Always a pleasure dealing with these guys.

Ysa S

I’ve been a customer of this web hosting service for over a year now, and I can confidently say they are top-notch. Their customer support team is incredibly helpful and always goes above and beyond to assist me with any questions or concerns. Their reliability and competitive pricing make them my go-to choice for hosting. Highly satisfied!

Jamie Howards

Telco services were good. Would have been greater if they also provide other business solutions. So far, my experience with them is good, but not quite perfect. Do I recommend Net Hoster? Well, yes. Hope this review help others seeking for business solutions in Brisbane area.

Lamont Sanders

Good Service. Easily reachable through their number. Some services can be much faster. But overall, I am satisfied.

Godking J.

Dealing with the big telcos has been a nightmare, after making the switch over to a local company was the best thing for the business. No downtime, upgraded phone system and great support. No brainer and would highly recommend.

Kat K.

Support team is incredible and efficient in helping us get set up. They have provided us with excellent phone system and internet service. Would highly recommend them to all businesses!

Chris W.

Efficient, diligent and contactable. Glad to have been recommended this team.

Kate W.

NetHoster have looked after our SEO for a number of years now and we have grown from 3 number 1 rankings to 249. Outstanding experience all round.

Jenny E.

We use all NetHosters services within our mortgage business and have had a great experience over the last 2 years 7 months. It’s a shame that I have to read rubbish reviews below as thats simple not been our experience at all.

Keep up the great work.

Chris L.

I’ve been using this web hosting service for a several months now and I’m blown away by their customer support. Every time I’ve had an issue, they’ve been quick to respond and help me out. Plus, their prices are very reasonable. Highly recommend!

4.9 out of 5 stars (based on 34 reviews)
Very good6%

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